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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Prisoner all makes sense, now!

Six of one, six of one, half-a-dozen of the other....

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Michael W said...

I keep wondering why no one has offered reproductions of the "Village posters" at conventions? I used to work in a place which was fond of hanging motivational posters everywhere, and I would've loved to have replaced them with placards such as the QUESTIONS ARE A BURDEN TO OTHERS one (along with the "Speed Learn" posters from "The General").

When I also watch "The Prisoner" (as I am often wont to do), I ask myself what would cause me to crack first: the outfits or the band music?

Rigel Kent said...

Puts you one up on me, I like the show-I just can't claim to understand it.

Michael W said...

@Rigel Kent --- well, to me, that was a good part of the beauty of The Prisoner. It didn't feel obligated to lay out every answer for the viewer. Audiences (and especially those of us in America) seem to expect that every mystery will be attended to, and logical answers provided all around. What McGoohan did with The Prisoner was crumple all that up, flush it down the toilet and walk off laughing into Television and Science-Fiction history.

Doom said...

I can't remember the show. Oh, sure, I ate it up back when it was easily available but that, for me, has been since I was... 10? A lot of years ago, and they were reruns even then.

What I do agree with is Michael's take on what is available on-screen, big or small. I like a show the more I get to do my own dot-connecting... which might be why I have disconnected cable t.v. As well, t.v. is as leftist politically as the "news". Good riddance.

The Aardvark said...

@Michael- I can do that!

Speed Learn. YES!

@Rigel- Some of it was just good 'ol mind-copulation (wow, sounds dirtier THAT way!). The fans writhed in angst over the ending. In modern times, Hideaki Anno caused a similar furor with his denouement of Neon Genesis Evangelion, whereupon he did at least two alternate ending movies, none of which made the fans happy, either.

@Doom- Yah. I am ecstatically happy having turned off cable in January.We watch the occasional show on Netflix or Crunchyroll. No more 24-hour news cycle blaring at us.