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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mobile follies!

"Are we there, yet?"

Your Humble is here at MobiCon, one of the few SF cons that he will deign to attend. It is a relaxacon, and is necessary for me to decompress during this our "Christmas season" of busy-ness.  Ethan Philips, "Neelix" of "Star Trek: Voyager" (a character I confess would have made me happy had he been spaced early on. Then we would not have been subjected to the`narcissistic horror that was "Tuvix".) is the Guest this year.

Seeing old friends, old fiends, and I have a duel tonight over an argument about grape jelly vs. mixed fruit jelly. This is what happens when the Dread Dormomoo is not around to moderate. Plastic picnic knives are involved. Also, Star Trek fight music.

Having a ball, otherwise. Biz is good.

If I survive this, I will report, and perhaps have a link to the video. Then, next week, on the Animazement, our largest con! Durham, NC shall be descended upon by otaku, ravenous for Pocky, Ramune, cell phone charms, and t-shirts. Woot.


Robin said...

Where is the video?

Robin said...

Where is the video?

The Aardvark said...

Alas, both of us came to An Understanding later, realising that our battle might be less exciting than watching a snail race. Actually, after hours of Dealer palaver in the hotel commons area with Herb McCaulla, all of us swapping stories of Cons Past, we realised we had far more to offer by not dying in a spork fight or somesuch. You will all thank us.

Besides, we were tired.