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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The artsy HuffPos hyperventilate over layout. Film at 11

Here is the Thing:

The Huffington Post (I remember when Arianna was the darling of the Conservative movement in the mid-'90s; Paul Weyrich would have her on his cable network all the time.) proclaims in the web version of Second Coming Type:

Rand Paul Backs Gun Campaign Featuring Image Of Rifle Pointing At Obama's Head

 ...and here is the ad:

Here was my Facebook rantlet:

  •          Aardvark Screenprinting
    Some people have nothing better to whinge about than an ad layout. The rifle is hovering above the text, alone. There is no-one wielding it. Note to all: guns do not fire themselves. The president is in no danger. Move along.

    Really, now. This is such a ridiculous stretch; it is not worthy even of HuffPo. It's like they said "Ooooh, we need to be more like Coast to Coast AM!"

    LOOK AT THE PICTURE! (The picture with the gun...)

    The rifle is limned in light, separating it from the rest of the advert. Look at its size relative to Paul or O'bama. It is tiny. It is a G.I Joe gun, back when Joe was able to take Barbie to the Prom (I'm not sure if that is innuendo....) A Red Ryder would do far more damage...but WAIT! It must be behind  Rand Paul or Our President, on the back wall, as it were.

    This is the kicker: layout wise, the rifle naturally draws your eye...where? Look at it again.Yes. Unless your brain was featured on "Will It Blend", your eye is led straight to
    Barack Hussein Obama's phiz. 

    It's a narcissist's dream!

    The word "desperation" comes to mind. That or "See if THIS mud sticks...." Or "slow news day". This is journalism a 12-year-old would do. Given the tendency toward name-calling from the Left, I may have swerved into A Truth.

    Happy Mothers Day! We've all had one (except maybe Georgio Tsoukalos).



Galt-in-Da-Box said...

A desperate rambling of words in search of meaning and relevance, but then that's Huffy!

Michael W said...

Great Granny's Spectacles!

I just follow a handful of blogs, and this has to be the first time more than one of them has focused on the same subject (Rand Paul's ad).

(Meanwhile I don't even bother with the Huffington Post, so I didn't even know about this until you and another blog brought it up. From what I've seen with this I don't think I'll be adding Huffington's website to my list of required reading any time soon.)

G.I. Joe taking Barbie to the prom. I keep hearing George O'Brien's voice from SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON: "She ain't Army!"

The Aardvark said...

HuffPo makes my eyes bleed. I only went there when a leftist anime voice actor on Facebook shared it w/o comment, which was surprising, given that he is reliably proggy in his commentary. I was too astonished to leave it alone, especially at 1:30 AM.

Perhaps I should have titled this "Stupid redux".
Speaking of Granny's Spectacles, have you read Suzette Haden Elgin's "The Ozark Trilogy"?

@ G-i-D-B - Perhaps we need to redefine "huffing". Yes?

Michael W said...

"Speaking of Granny's Spectacles, have you read Suzette Haden Elgin's 'The Ozark Trilogy'?"

No, but I have read Robert Heinlein's "Between Planets".

Jay said...

It ain't called The Huffington Puffington Post fer nuttin".