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Monday, May 14, 2012

End of an era.

Ron Paul has pulled out of the GOP race.

Newsmax gives few details beyond the standard campaign money issues. Close attention to phrasing reveals a less-than-salutary attitude on the part of Newsmax.

The Paul Revolution is not over. His swarming minions shall disrupt many campaigns for election-cycles to come! (Maybe Newsmax will hire me!)

Well, this makes more sense. Newsmax displays wishful thinking! RP is not "dropping out". He is ceasing his primary activities, but maintaining his delegate strategy. He's still in!


Got a weird hearing issue going on. My ears are full...feel stuffed with cotton-wool, and all sound is amplified and echo-ey. No hissing or ringing. Maybe it's the front moving through.


OK...we have a pop-culture-savvy (rather small) bunch here. I am looking for the pedigree of "Wrong-o Mary Lou.". Does anyone have a clue (or a clew) as to where this came from? I have my suspicions, but will not voice them so as not to pizen the well. Googling is bootless. Opinions with no evidence.


Doom said...

About Paul, besides, there is junior. That game is far from over.

As for the hearing? I don't know if you have ear wax issues, but I did. My ear wax is fine one day, then my ear(s) will just pump out a wad of wax as big as my pinky (big, huge!). I bought some ear wax spoons, even gave a few to friends who has the same problem. Wonderfulness! I don't make any money, or profit, it is just something that worked for me. Plus it's become a new hobby! :p I wonder if you can store and use earwax for something. I ought to check on that. It would only be two or three pounds a year, but... Heh.

As to the last? I keep thinking Retton. The name fits, Mary Lou. I don't know when the saying dates back to, though it sounds like an 80's thing, maybe SNL, commentator snafu, or a commercial thing. I've been looking, but so far nada.

The Aardvark said...

It's a commercial. I recall enough to question it!

Hearing is better. I think it was a combo of atmospheric pressure and a bug going around.

Storing earwax? They have Discovery channel series about stuff like that!

Michael W said...

Let's see. Take the issues in order of importance.

1. "OK...we have a pop-culture-savvy (rather small) bunch here."

Well, you're right about the small part. But I've searched and looked and prodded through all my resources (electronic as well as printed) concerning "Wrong-o Mary Lou" and, sad to say, it looks like Obi-Wan's done lost that planet. I have thrown the puzzle out to my last remaining resource and, if it strikes paydirt, I'll get back to you.

2. Hearing issue. If it persists you might want to get it looked after. At our age it's the simple things that'll kill you.

3. Ron Paul. Right now I'm examining Gary Johnson to see if (once again) I'll be voting the Libertarian ticket. I'll be curious to see how Paul's influence plays at the GOP convention.