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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Truth in YouTube vidyas


Doom said...

I've never watched the show but I have dated women and heard about the series. I've got to tell you, your petty, misogynistic, chauvinist, little skit is... about right on. Nayyyy, don't reply. The look on your face will do.

Michael W said...

Well, since The Aardvark's PLUMBLINE seems to be brought to us today by the letters "odd YouTube videos", here's a little slice of weird I recently encountered while experiencing a jones to hear one of my favorite Elvis Costello songs:


The Aardvark said...

Now I want to know where every clip came from.



The Aardvark said...

By accident, I found THIS:


Michael W said...

OK, you answered one question: the source of the bizarre Japanese Red Riding Hood clips (and I don't even want to know the nature of the product).

As for the others: the clips showing a bridge being destroyed by a monster (plus related bad Japanese movie monster model work) are from 1967's THE X FROM OUTER SPACE (quite possibly the worst kaiju ever made, unless you count GODZILLA'S REVENGE).

The Aardvark said...

I actually have "The X From Outer Space"

I want to know what spaghetti sci-fi the flame pistol scenes are from.

The Japanese Red Riding Hood ad is for a construction company. Use them, and your home or business will EXPAND! (Tanuki FTW!)

Michael W said...

At first I thought it was THE CREATION OF THE HUMANOIDS, but I'm not so certain now.

Doom said...

I stole that vid. Something in reply to a comment about a post I did comparing women to mules (though... if you actually check on mules, it's... not that bad of a comparison). Anyway... Didn't want you finding out through the braying sounds of women around the world.

Anonymous said...

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