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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

So, what did YOU have for dinner?


Yes, ye-es, this is the milestone Post Number One Thousand, meant to be pithy, profound, and Full of Meaning. As full of import as Y2K wasn't.

But, instead, this is about dinner. My noms! Did you have burgers and fries, or pizza, or Chinese?

Did you have Beef Bourguignon?

I did.


Loen (who works at Mikawa, the honest-to-Edo Japanese restaurant in Huntsville) wanted to cook dinner for the staff, especially the cook who is returning to Japan. As he has a penchant for French cuisine (and the Julia Child hardcover cookbooks to prove it!), he and the Dread Dormomoo worked for some six hours, prep and cooking, to make the wonderful dish for his cow-orkers and we of Chez 'Vark. It was outstanding! Stupendous. Colossal, C'est magnifique ! Oishii , even. 

He is quite accomplshed, and could become a master chef, if they don't hang him first.

Speaking of hanging, I called upon a known Family Joke, and photographed the meal with a couple of...props:

Yes, I know. Philistine me. I'll have you know that I did not even salt this dish. It was divine, as though it sprang from Zeus' brow. I DID text the pic to Loen, though. He would expect no less of me. Though I bet he will NOT tell his fellows that I was joking. Jerk.

Pot, meet Kettle.

 Of course, the rule for Facebook is: Everyone deserves my opinion, but do not challenge it, because hey, it's MY opinion!
One sentence has killed more people than all the wars in American history...
'You get all the nutrition you need from the four food groups.' - Dr. Joel Wallach
We are going crackerdog here realising how much we are (and have been) lied to by the FDA, the AMA, and other "medical authorities" over the decades, and especially at how most efforts involve treating symptoms rather than prevention or cause. "Ride for the Cure!" How about riding or running for the cause?  
OK, rantlet ends. 


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Be aware that "Dead Doctors Don't Lie"&c is MLM.
NEVER pay to work for someone else...And if you have an "upline", you ARE working for someone else.

The Aardvark said...

Oh, I am VERY aware of the MLM angle. Thanks for your heads-up. I think that a lot of Wallach's ideas are good and deserve attention AND scrutiny, apart from any product he may be flogging..

MLMs and casinos operate the same...

"The house always wins!"

Here is my expose of MLM stuff:

And yes, dinner was vrai YUM!

Doom said...

Now that sounds delicious. All I have to soak up jowl juice is hard salami and cheese. It will do, for now. But... Oh, and happy 1000th.

As for the AMA and such? I don't trust a thing doctors tell me about food or medicine. If it works I might stick with it, usually they are wrong. I have, sometimes, diabetes. When I eat what they want I end up in the 300's. When I eat meat, beans, whole grains, almost never fruit or veggies, and throw in sugar stuff three or four times a weak I can drop into the 80-120 range. Of course, last time I did that, I... went back to 5-8 cans of regular coke a day. Still, stayed good for a year and a half or two. Still, bad call. Now I'm having to... switch things up again.

What I am saying is... zero sugar is somewhere between triple the expense and impossible unless you cook every single thing yourself. I honestly wonder if the medical community isn't aboard the depopulation plan, the one that calls for a 70 to 90 percent reduction. They are a treacherous lot.

Michael W said...

Dinner . . . dinner . . . dinner. Let's see . . .

Last night it was a baked potato with chili and cheese.

At first I was confusing "MLM" with "MTM" (as in "Productions") and wondered who in the world could have suspicions about Mary Tyler Moore?

And, just for the record, I also think a lot of Wallach's ideas are good. I especially enjoyed him in "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" as well as "The Godfather III".

Never pay to work for someone else? Interesting. I'll add that to my existing rules for employment (such as "never work for relatives", "NEVER work for any company being run by a married couple" and "if you're a temp worker, and you spend at least one day doing warehouse work, you're Trapped!"

The Aardvark said...

@Doom- "I honestly wonder if the medical community isn't aboard the depopulation plan, the one that calls for a 70 to 90 percent reduction."

Who better than our Gatekeepers of Health!?

Hi-protein, lo-carb has resulted in near miraculous turnarounds for diabetics. I heard Dr. Wallach on Jones' program, and the most telling question posed was "How is it we are eating the same number of calories as before, but we are gaining weight?" (The context of the question does not allow "We are older" as an answer.)

Oh, and that feed was hardly a normal bill of fare for us. We just benefited from Loen's desire to bless his fellow workers, and from our allowing him to trash our kitchen.
@Michael- That potato w/ chili and cheese doth sound a marvel as well.

Suspicions about MTM? Why not? She's too perky, to bubbly, and she has a lot of spunk....

Eli Wallach reference FTW. What a talented little troll.

From your employment rules. I wonder if Solomon did not have you in mind when he was addressing "Wisdom".

Jay said...

Doctors bury their mistakes .....