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Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Moderate" means "no principles""

The current foofooraw over O'bama's birth credentials has brought a sense of "reasonableness" to the popular conservative movement. Sweet reasonableness. The likes of Roger Hedgecock now admit that there is evidence supporting what the scurrilously named "birthers" have been saying all along. The problem is a question of "What is to be done if the President is not qualified by reason of national origin?" The Founders provided no remedy if an unqualified person was somehow elected, "except maybe impeachment proceedings".

Fine, then. Impeach away. Have Boehner, his own feckless self, do something meaningful and right. Deal with the fact that the Left will call you names. "Birther. Racist. Poopyhead" It is their most effective stratagem, being Constitutionally bankrupt. So we must do what is right, because it is right. IF he is not legitimately our President, then out he must go, name-calling be damned, because it is right.


TheWayfarer said...

"BONER" is your typical, spineless, bawling Khazar. His only principle is "Oy mein Gott, how much MONYA can I make fram dizz!?"
If the answer is NONE, he caves!

Doom said...

I will claim to be a "birther", if technically I am not. What I am is someone who believes no credible evidence has come forward so zero should not have been allowed on the ballot. Period. I simply don't know, and that is enough to deny.

As for "what if"? Strike everything the man signed into law, remove all evidence he was ever in the office, along with all appointees, secondary offices (V.P.), etc. Then, lock, load, and fire at will. It would absolutely crush the left. Oh, and criminally go after anyone who knew or should have known, in all offices whose job it was to monitor. Other than that, let bygones be bygones. Live and let get exiled to Kenya... You know. The Christian way.

The Aardvark said...

Definitely the Constitutional way. I hope that this will not be misunderstood, but the nation is not the church. Christ redeems men and women, redeemed men and women (should) do what is right, whether in the home, at work, at church, or in the halls of Congress. This is why evangelism and DISCIPLE making is so hugely important. Read up on the Welsh Revival.

One major way of doing right as a nation is following The Rules insofar as they do not breach God's Word.

Doom said...

If you read my comment carefully, or with a slight psychological tilt, you might realize I was being a bit... jazzy. No hereticing or such, just... *poke, poke* And, yeah, I'm a Christian. Just... checking for bolts of lightening I suppose.

The Aardvark said...

Doom- I got it...I just used your comment to address a bit of stupidity that is Out There. The religious right's practise of "evangelism by ballot-box" is an aberration. You provided me with a lovely soap box.

Jay said...

I remember the flap when Powell was rumored to run for the office. A lot of people wanted to ignore the fact he was born in Jamaica.

It doesn't surprise me that a lot of folks want to ignore the present fracas, including a lot of our erstwhile conservative "friends". Left, right, MODERATE, (Turns head & spits.), I've no use for any of 'em.