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Sunday, November 19, 2006


I need to know that I am not hallucinating.
I had a toy as a child; a car that walked up walls. You pulled a string, which wound the spring, which caused a "wheel" of 5-or-6 suction cups to rachet with sufficient speed and force so as to enable the "car" to go up the wall.

It was called Mr. Joggy, I believe.
I can find NO mention of it online.

Has anyone heard of it?

EDIT: It's Mr. Joggi . Great to see all you folks remembering this little treasure.


Anonymous said...

When I was little (the late 1950's)
I had several Mr. joggys. If I remember correctly it was blue & the little driver that bobbed back & forth was yellow. If the wall wasn't smooth the suction cups wouldn't stick & it would fall off the wall. I wish I would have kept at least 1 Mr. joggy, nobody that I know has ever heard of them.

Anonymous said...

I had one of these cars when I was kid, and have tried to find one, or at least see a picture online- but have not been successful ... hope someone finds one, or at least posts a picture of one...

thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

My two brothers and I (boomers -- all born in the early 50's) all remember Mr. Joggy very well. Glad to hear that someone else does, too.

I'd love to get a hold of one...

izzy said...

I had a Mr. Joggy...I also had a Sputnick that climbed the walls too. It had the same internals as Mr. Joggy however it looked like a spaceship. I think the name of it was "Sputnick" after the Russian sputnick of the era.

Anonymous said...

I had a Mr. Joggy. I don't remember much about it except the wheel with the suction cups. I must have been pretty young,(I was born in '56')so I guess it was early 60's. I'd love to know where to get one .

Anonymous said...

There was also a yellow one called L'il Orby. It basically looked like a ball with a face on it, with some sort of tail trailing behind. Amazing the things you remember.

Paul C. said...


Yes, I remember Mr.Joggy well. Pull the string out the back of his car, put him on a wall and watch him climb it...with his head jerking back and forth. Great old toy, wish I still had one.