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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Poor Kramer.

I have one thing to say.

Who cares?

Michael Richards was doing his bit onstage. People had paid to see him, and to hear his comedic stylings.

They did not go to hear two bruvvahs mouth off. Frankly, them wot paid for tickets should have dealt with the hecklers, unless it was about a gladiatorial thing. "Let's see Kramer cut 'em off at the knees!"

Since the newsfeeds did not deem us able to withstand the verbal onslaught, I merely heard a series of beeps, but apparently verbal blood was shed. Bigoted blood, not racist.

The true sadness was seeing Seinfeld go all PC about it, as though having worked with Richards years ago might tar him with the same brush. The sight of Jerry and David Letterman bleeding smug Earnestness and Concern all over their chairs while Richards stumbled through his "I'm sorries" was far more sickening to me.

Of course, it's hard for me to get worked up over beeps.

Two guys heckled a comic from the audience. He responded with comments on their obvious part of the gene pool. Apparently responded in the extreme. With ANGER.
With non-PC words.

The hecklers feelings may have been hurt. Maybe they'll shut up next time.
Maybe Richards will do Anger Management.

Maybe I'll learn to care.


Juviana said...

Interesting that this man's name is also Michael Richards...hmm.

I have actually seen the full clip of the exchange, without bleeps. What Kramer said was pretty uncalled for...and it's not just that, but that he continued on long after his point was made. It was funny for the first second or two, but after three or four minutes I was left in stunned silence.

The Aardvark said...

Yaaay! Someone finally comments on this.

Agreed. Richards went over the top with his rant. I just have a hard time getting worked up over anything like this anymore, Especially when the hecklers 1) refused his apologies because 2) they REALLY wanted money out of it,

And especially when 40 years after these punks' forebears went to the streets in protest to get out from under oppression and "the N word" only to have this generation turn it all on its head and call each other that, because "it's OUR word".

Should Richards have done it? I think it was unwise.
Should I care?

I dunno.