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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Meet Possum Kitty

We are cat people. We currently have ten outdoor cats, two of whom were abandoned by neighbors who moved, and figured they would be cared for by someone...I guess. We have NO mice.

But we have an eleventh, now. He is Possum Kitty. He shows up, enjoys the cat food, and toddles off. Tonight he showed up, and discovered some un-gnawed turkey bones. Loen was 2 feet or less from PK when he took this shot. Very tame, or at least characteristically possum-stupid.

We like Possum Kitty. We do not pet him, though. He has sharp teeth, and we are not possum-stupid.


Billiam said...

C'mon! 'Tis the season. PK would look soooo cuuuute with a red bow around his neck! LOL

Juviana said...

AW! I have a picture of a raccoon which very strongly resembles this picture. Except, of course, that I was taking that picture from behind a glass door.