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Monday, November 06, 2006

The Aardvark sez:

Vote what is RIGHT.

Not right-wing.
...and maybe, try praying before you vote.
Read your Bible. Maybe a part you haven't underlined.
Saddam. Hang 'im high.

Pope. Read your Bible.

Europe. Go angst yourselves. Make an avant-garde film.

Anonymous: Get a life. Get a job. Get over it.
I know who you are. You need to deal with whomever you perceive did you wrong, not take cowardly pot-shots on a third-rate blog.

I would seriously recommend you find an honest-to-God Bible-believing church, get discipled, and deal with forgiveness. Jesus REALLY loves you, and wants GOOD things for you, and part of that is getting the hurt in your life dealt with. I can steer you to one if you wish, or you can look, but wallowing in a venomous pool of anger and pain is only hurting YOU. There are lots of people on the Net that only find amusement in it.

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