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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pretty Lady Weighs In, And Slaps My Sassy Mouth,
Wherein We Discover My Bad Behaviour Got Me What I Wanted

For them wot ignores the "comments" section I have SO obligingly provided, I post a bit from my election night hissy fit.

prettylady said...

I voted for gridlock! I still have hopes that I won!

Seriously, darling, have you been looking at the Republican's financial stats, lately? I hear a wee rumour that they've gone a teensy bit over-budget.

And when I read Nancy Pelosi's off-the-cuff little agenda, she did mention a few details regarding 'fiscal responsibility' and the like. As well as addressing those constitutional violations of habeas corpus, and 9/11 commission recommendations, and realistically reassessing our mandate to Bring Democracy to Murderous Savages, Hang The Cost.

Ever the eternal optimist, I.


To which I winningly reply:

The Aardvark said...

Absolutement! I have lived in tooth-grinding frustration over the "can't tell who from whom" these past years.
(See the shards!)

Lookit, this was a tantrum, not a reasoned political treatise.

As to fiscal responsibility from the Dems, well, the major (alleged) philosophical difference between the two parties is that the Dems see Government as the source of all succour and aid for whatever ill you wish to name. The classic repub view is that the private sector can and should provide the aid and answers. This, of course, is far closer to the Founders' Constitutional intent. As with anything from the Christian faith to putting together a gas grill, if you deviate from the instructions, you are in for mischief!

Given the current state of the givemint, it is clear that no-one has learned to read.

We are on the same page, Dear Heart, re: the "Patriot" act, as well as the other "Bring Democracy to Murderous Savages, Hang The Cost" things. I do not believe that Vox overstates the issue.


Yes, this is a cheap way to do a post, but it was worthy of sharing, and 'sides, I have the epizoodic. There is a nasty virus using me as it's reproductive organs, and I don't appreciate it a bit.

I feel so USED.

...and what I wanted?




Pretty Lady said...

...and what I wanted?


Awww. There there, dear. *pats surly Aardvark on head.* Get some rest, and some honey-lemon tea. Honey kills germs, you know. Just squeeze one lemon into mug, add generous dollop of honey, fill with boiling hot water, and stir. Add more honey to taste, or splash of whiskey if it's after 5.

The Aardvark said...

Pretty Lady, I have literal tears in my eyes...only some of which are from laughter.

I feel the love!

I had JUST finished an orange spice tea with a local honey...her name was....JUST KIDDING...and found it soothing. The Dread Dormomoo, my TRUE honey, will pick up some lemons later.

We'll see what Makers Mark does to the mix. Apres 5pm.