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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tweens with delusions of literacy often adopt an affectation in their writing: the use of British variant spelling. You know:
humour for humor
realise for realize
gaol for jail (I'm the only one I know that does...DID, did...that one)
and...like that.

It is certainly an affectation, much like choosing to wear metres-long multi-coloured scarves out in public. (Hey, that fits TWO fan groups, now!)

Back in the day (the current nostalgia cliche du jour) whilst I was still in college, another affectation was very, VERY george -or "shiny" for you brown jackets- amongst the charismaniacs, primarily: using Hebraic spellings and terminology, like
Yeshua for Jesus.
That, and listening to Messianic Jewish songsters like "LAMB", and groovin' to the holy beats of Amy Grant's "El Shaddai".

Man, Jewish was BOSS!

But, y'know, I'm not Jewish. I don't like gefilte fish. I don't wear a yarmulke.
I'm not a Brit, either. I don't dig socialiZed medicine, and my teeth aren't grey.

Some things are FUN. Other things get in the way, 'cos people just think you're weird.
Don't ask me how I know that...

May-bee we should work on not making our job more difficult!