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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I Like Ike...not very much anymore

The Eisenhower Doctrine of the late 50s committed the US to send military aid to any Middle Eastern country that requested it, for the purpose of preventing Communist penetration into the region.

Now, the idea of their having to request it is nice, but Ike set us on the course which ends where we are today, and look how much fun it is: the Hap-hap-HAPPIEST Geopolitics on Earth.

The business of backtracking through history to find The Cause of ( fill in the blank ) is a useful exercise. Ian McLeod has ably shown that 9/11 can be lain at Lincoln's feet (must convince him to blog that!). The revising of History, as well as the NOT-teaching of same leads inexorably to Santayana's prophecy: we SHALL be doomed to repeat it. Like the Beav, it seems we NEVER really learn our lesson.

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