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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Holy Fanfic, Batman!!!

We have been watching a National Geographic program on the whole
"Da Vinci Code" thing. Umberto Eco was on it...briefly. His opinion is that Jesus' alleged marriage to Mary Magdalene is a fairy tail, on par with "Pinocchio and Little Red Riding Hood".


Momoovark- also known as the Dread Dormomoo- repeated her contention that the gnostic gospels, and other rejected manuscripts, are in fact early church fanfic.

Just a little summat to start your week!

1 comment:

Ian McLeod said...

Yes, of course! I can hear the lateral-lisping nerds now:

"Yeahgh, and Jeegshus can call down laightneeng and schtrike down his little friend...but but but, you know, the coolesht part? Oh, itsh so aweshome! he bringsh his friend back ... to life."