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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Paving with good intentions

I am a member of an e-group dedicated to the 60s SF series Fireball XL5. The topic of the use of force by members of the crew came up, and I posted the following (thinking it on-topic):

As a popular pundit opines: "Ours is a world governed by the use of
force.". Whether it is the Inland Revenue, or the local cop pulling
you over for speeding, or the UN making a >snicker< Resolution, the threat of force is what keeps folks in line. If this were not so, there would be no armies, police forces, or West Virginia militias. And no Neutroni missiles on Fireball XL5.

I was responded to by the following slap on the hand:

L**** and I very recently reminded all members not to post off topic
messages to our Fireball XL5 group. L**** also reminded everyone that
offensive posts would not be tolerated.
Your remark about the United Nations appears to be meant as some kind of
'joke', intended to poke fun at an organisation set up to promote and
preserve world peace.
Larry and I find the remark offensive.
I don't propose to give a lecture on ethics and morality here.
All we want is for people in this group to refrain from making offensive
remarks. This is not the venue for venting personal hatred or prejudice.
This is a place for friendly discussions about a great t.v. show.

I am fascinated that making a mild criticism of a Faceless Organization lines me up for accusations of "personal hatred or prejudice".

Which brings me to the question of offense.

I wonder if any of the one million Rwandans killed during the UN's beneficent oversight were offended?

I wonder if any of the Iraqi men, women, and children for whom the "Oil For Food" benefits were intended are offended by the multi-billion dollar "mismanagement" of the funds by UN leadership.

I wonder if any charity-minded US citizens were offended by the UN functionary's assertion that they are "stingy" in response to human need and suffering, when our charitable giving, public and private, is very good indeed. (I shall be charitable and NOT do percentage comparisons with other countries.)

I wonder if any of the women and children sexually victimized by UN blue helmets in Bosnia and Africa were offended.

I wonder if any of the Sudanese victims of the black-on-black slave trade are offended by the UN's inaction.

Whatever good intentions the founders of the UN may have had have clearly been subsumed in the hell of inaction and self-serving of the current leadership in NY.

Y'know, I was offended at being called a prejudiced hater, especially after several years of a track record of civility and friendliness. But they MAY have a point.

I HATE hypocrisy. An international organization to promote world peace and justice should not behave in these ways. And well, I guess I'm prejudiced against
the pretense of righteousness and respectability which the United Nations projects.

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