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Saturday, January 08, 2005

I'm doing my best to re-establish the Plumbline after my five-month hiatus. A glitch wiped all links, and readership has plummetted.
Flaming Thunderbolts Theology: Part the First

I have a bit of virtual dyspepsia regarding, ummmm, "the whole state of Christ's church".
I came to the faith during the Late Great Planet Earth era. Even at that time in my mid-teens, I had difficulty reconciling the various eschatological angles into a coherent model. It all seemed so...contrived and needlessly messy, as though the Almighty was a hack screenwriter who peeked at all the worst James Bond / Austin Powers capture and escape scenes, and cobbled together a Rube Goldbergian finish to the little ball of mud we call home.

Enter the dichotomy: Dispensationalism versus Covenant. C.I. Scofield, that evangelical P.T. Barnum, cooked up a scheme in the crack- er- crockpot environment of Bible conference fervor, a system of Biblical interpretation worked out with Gaebelein and Darby which artificially divided the scripture into a series of Dispensations.
I say artificially because this Johnny-come-lately doctrine is virtually unknown prior to the late 1800s.
Why did it take close to 1900 years for anyone to figure this out?

is a potent link calling the whole dispensational scheme into question. While I have not crawled the entire site, this section appears to be sound.

The Biblical record tends to fall naturally into COVENANTS, which is really odd, given that Yahweh is a covenant-making God. You don't need reference books and commentaries to see it.

To Be Continued...

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