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Saturday, January 15, 2005

...And, no, there is no Deep Meaning here.

It's so great living in the land of the Cesspool, receiving the effluent from Canada's tax subsidised film industry. I had such hope and joy when the SciFi channel came to town, and now it's just filled with the rustle of dried, talentless maple leaves.

Saturday morning...IFC is on, and it is presenting short films. From Canada. If we didn't take their stuff, Canada would sink under the sheer weight of wasted film.

The question this particular crop of drek (Pssssst....Why doesn't he turn it off?) raises is cogent, however. Why do the women in the 21st century insist on talking. Oh...about "our relationship".
Endless, endless chatter and self-examination about Our Emotional State. Still, it makes sense that the Film Board as the enabler for these movies. They are so painful in their rummaging through couples' emotional pain that no sane person would willingly part with a dime to see them.

Now, I am the "romantic" member of our married life, so don't go thinking I'm all stoic and unfeeling. It's just that there are limits to how much gubbish one can stand. (Philip K. Dick fans take note!)

Sometimes...it's just good to be.

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