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Thursday, January 06, 2005

OK, people, I have WORK to do. I do not have time to blog this morning, but I half-heard a news report which concerned me, and then heard Boortz fulminating about my suspicions.
The US Give-mint's pledge money for tsunami relief is going to be GIVEN TO THE UN to distribute.
If I give One Hundred Dollars to my youngest son to purchase our groceries, but he buys anime DVDs with it instead, then my response is to sell whatever stuff he has purchased to recoup my shekels, and then refuse to entrust ANY more simoleons to him again for a VERY long time.
This US action is stupidity of the most egregious sort, and deserves our sanctions.
If they cannot use our tax dollars in a sane and.....SANE manner, then we as a nation should deny our non-representing representatives any more opportunity to misuse our earnings.


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