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Monday, January 31, 2005

I believe a caveat must be stated.
I am not a brain-numbed robot.
I am currently looking for a twelve-step program for talk-radio addiction.
"I can quit any time I want to........I just don't want to!"
It's tiresome, being driven by the impulse that I might MISS something, some tid-bit that will bring it all together. I love music. I love Old Time Radio CDs. Books on tape. Alexander Scourby
reading the Bible. (Now he is top-of-the-heap, but I might reconsider if Patrick Stewart did a narration. Yeah, right...) All sorts of goodies that I regularly miss because I-don't-want-to-miss-something.

All because of one guy.
Sixteen+ years ago we spoke long distance -back when that meant something- and he asked if I had heard of Limbaugh. He said -now this is important. You must parse this properly- he said:

"Rush Limbaugh reminds me of you."

I couldn't help myself. That night I turned on the telly, because on that fateful day, Limbaugh was guest hosting Pat Sajac's late night show. The night the audience was loaded with, ummm,
slightly left of centre enthusiasts.
That hijacked the show.
That could not allow reasoned discourse, because Limbaugh disagreed with them.
That resorted to the ne plus ultra weapon of choice for their arguments.
That's right.
They called names.
Limbaugh honestly attempted discussion.
They railed.
They pointed the Bony Finger of Indignation.
And called Rush Limbaugh names.
The studio was cleared, because the whole situation was beginning to attain gladiatorial levels of bile and vituperation, and Telemachus was nowhere to be found to stem the tide.
That was my intro to Limbaugh.
The next day I found a local station: AM770 Huntsville that carried Rush.
Yes, the same station that launched Sean Hannity. The Bethlehem of Talk Radio. For that I heartily apologise. I even tried out to take Sean's place after he left for Atlanta, and stardom.
That's another story.

My name is Weatherly, and I'm a talk radio junkie...

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