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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

See what happens when you don't go to church!
Various automotive travails put me a couple of hours behind schedule today, and in order to be able to continue my business, I had to load up screens and biodegradable chemicals and drive north to Ardmore to use their most excellent car wash to reclaim outdated screens. I coat 'em and reuse 'em to print NEW designs. This time of year begins OUR "Christmas season", business-wise. Ball uniforms, convention shirts, spring festival shirts...like that.

I got to the carwash, and...well, let's just say that tonight I feel a kinship with our "Rainbow brethren". As the preacher Marshall Keeble said when queried about referring to everyone as Brother or Sister: "I has 'em in Adam, or I has 'em in Christ."

...got to the carwash, unloaded the stuff, and set to work. As is my wont, I had the back of the van open so that I could hear the CD. Towards the end of my task, I noted two yout's hanging around near the street. I shut the washer off, and got ready to load everything up. I had been listening to the "No Disc" soundtrack from Cowboy Bebop. Now, for the uninitiated,
Bebop is a Japanese anime series about space "cowboys", or bounty hunters. Done in a noir style, it is action-driven, and awash with testosterone. It is scored with a tasty jazz and blues buffet, with some very medieval and
madrigal-ey bits thrown in as garnish. When I turned off the washer, it was to the madrigal part.
"La, La, lalalalalaaa..."
The two stalwarts noted earlier had slouched beyond eye-shot, but I heard them exclaim ere they moved out of sight:

"Hey, yo, FAGGOT"!

I was amused...a bit. I thought for a moment, and called out cheerily

"You'd better tell my wife and four kids!"

Now, I must be frank, and say that I DID feel a brief thrill of fear. I mean, I REALLY hoped that my love of anime would not lead to my being dragged behind some rusty pickup.

I REALLY wanted to yell "Why? Are you LOOKING for one?"

It would be nice to be judged by the content of one's character, rather than by the contents of one's CD player.

Anyone want to bet how they are schooled? Vox? ANyone?

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