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Monday, March 22, 2004

If you are offended at my quoting accurately from an email I received, DO NOT READ THIS.

Jene Kourtney 04:48 AM 3/23/2004 +0600 7 u r stupid dumbass if u pay retail pri-ce for softwares
(From an email that I received this morning)

Something else before I eat an Atkins-friendly breakfast- read eggs fried in butter- and get to work:
I am ALWAYS charmed when sales types who are trying to extract money from me call me a stupid dumbass. It ALWAYS provokes an instant desire in me to open my wallet. Really. I think that I may do some Aardvark Screenprinting radio spots with this tactic, because there must be scads of customers who would respond in a similar positive fashion. >Angela Anaconda voice< "Get your team uniforms at Aardvark Screenprinting" I will tell them,
"or you will be a stupid dumbass." All this creativity I have WASTED for years, when this simple, direct approach can pry the shekels from their clutching digits.

I mean, WHO wants to be an SDA?

(And yes, I tried the asterisk trick. You would know what it said, anyway, so there is NO point in disguising a letter-or-two)
Besides it made me look like a st*pid dumb*ss.

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