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Monday, March 15, 2004

Wow! what an intolerable hiatus. I had a VERY busy week preparing for a Starfleet Summit. I am not a member...something like a Ferengi-at-Large. Starfleet? Think of the Rotary Club in Trek uniforms. They are a civic group formed around the kernel (please note that I did NOT say "nut") of the Star Trek universe. They raise money for charity, do PR work for recruitment, and generally have a good old time...with a twist of Vulcan. I have been friends with a couple of Starfleeters for 9 years, and have printed shirts for their local club (or "ship"}, as well as for their regional conferences. Large fun.

The 7-hour drive to the Summit afforded me a chunk of time in which to ruminate.

* Are turn signals now offered only as an option?
* Are the other drivers telepathic adepts, and I'm just missing their intentions?
* Does NO-ONE teach common courtesy anymore?
* Why am I sounding like Andy Rooney?

ALL local municipalities need to do is to tag the scofflaws who refuse to use a turn signal (and so endanger the public),
and there would be no need to raise property taxes, no need to pass new taxes. Let those who insist on to being rude and dangerous in their driving pay for the privilege.

And please note, too, that I said LOCAL, not FEDERAL.

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