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Friday, March 19, 2004

Just to clarify matters, gentle readers, I am an essentially lazy person. At the very least, a slave to convenience. If you are a Faithful Follower of the Way of the Aardvark (insert Bruce Lee sounds here), then I should tell you that after an initial micro frenzy of linking to the few blogs which I was acquainted with at the time, I stopped. Why? I had links! I did not need a link list to rival the NY phone directory. Shucks...I have enough trouble just doing my OWN posts. (Five a week. Riiiiiight) So please do not feel slighted if you are not on the Aardvark's list. You're not being shunned. Or ignored.

I just haven't done it.

'Cos I'm too lazy to push a "Link to this" button.

How sad am I? Tragically sad.

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