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Sunday, April 18, 2004


Gentle readers, I apologize for abandoning you. We have just gone through Perdition Month.
This is MY "Christmas season", business-wise. As screenprinters, we are called upon to print ball uniforms for
Summer league play. Just when you think the world may be sane after all, Ball Season happens.
On top of which we had two conventions on the same weekend: an anime Con in Nashville (MTAC)

MTAC Go! April 1st - 3rd in Nashville, Tennessee

and CoastCon in Biloxi, MS.

CoastCon - Home Page

Momoovark (My sweet wife) and Loen our 13-year-old went to MTAC, whilst Riatsila and I drove a rented Tahoe to CoastCon. (We OWNED I-59. the gas stations OWNED us. Dear friends at Enter*rise...when I say "minivan", I mean minivan.) Oh, and the names are anagrams...the kids are not New Age freakchildren.

M & L drove the Aardvan...which died just over halfway to Nashville. Gearshift cable snapped.
Her brother rescued her, as we were past Birmingham on our travels. She made it, and we have another satisfied Convention t-shirt customer. Thanks M&L.

CoastCon did not go as well for us, but we surely did better than if we'd stayed at home watching the "Green Acres" marathon all weekend.

Oh, and GG goon stayed and minded the shop. Attaboy goon!

(Please include GG in your prayers...he is having numerous tactical assults from the enemy,
including back and sciatic nerve problems.)

Dealing with insane t-ball families just adds to the local color. Has ever a 4-year old actually gone up to his parental units and uttered the words (in a pwecious Baby Snooks voice):

"MommyDaddy, I wanna pway t-ball this summer."

No, I didn't think so...

Summer ball leagues (beyond t-ball) for the little ones are a bit troubling, too.
Here is the definition of FUN: putting small children into HOT polyester uniforms, in molded, plastic-foam-padded helmets, in the Summer sun, while grownups behind chain-link fencing yell at them, and curse the umps. Ahhh, sportsmanship....

Anyway, the Aardvark returneth, with more


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