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Monday, March 24, 2014


The Show:

Soylent Green IS KINDLING!


Doom said...

I was worried if I would be able to listen. Tech, and stuff. Sure, I'm a techy, but do you know how much tech there is out there? PotPlayer, a player for pulled down YouTube vids, saved my bacon... Listening now.

You sound... younger. Interesting to listen to you. You talk as you write, true enough, though. If you are ever near Utah, let me know. I'll try to visit, perhaps take you and the Mrs. out for a meal... and... talk! :)

As to the 'bumper sticker' phenomenon... Remember, before people could read, they used paintings and stained glass. While most can read, these days, here in America, few can understand. It's sort of same-same. Sad, that education has lead to a decrease in thinking, but... I think tptb decided that real education was too dangerous to them.

Funny about your song, it used to be one of my theme songs. Back then, I felt I had too many people around. Now that I have too few... I wouldn't mind more. And yet, having given up the want to be alone, even when I am alone... I'm not. Odd how things work out.

Great show. Interesting. Oh, as to why 'spiritualism'? It's because they don't hear about God in schools, work, or anywhere else. Can't even pray at a highschool football game? No wonder. What is forbidden becomes shunned. imho

Doom said...

As to the horror you discussed, I just didn't feel up to going on about it. People are going to hell faster than even I was, in my heyday. The difference is, they can't claim ignorance in a "time of enlightenment". No excuses. Hell. I'm not even sure they can be saved if they are that wooden.

Doom said...

Hey, I have a question for you, though perhaps it is the Dread Dorimomo(can't spell, mind you).

If you were to buy a an airbrush system, start to stop, in solid quality, what would you do? There are the little spraybrush kits, with a little pump, and their are sprayers which can attach to a bigger tank/compressor (which also has uses for a shop).

I'm thinking about buying one, for people and for projects, such as guns and cabinets (for art), and other general use. Would you want several different "brushes" for various sizes of application? Just trying to get my head around the notion, but from the outside, it's a bit of a big world to consider blindly.

The Aardvark said...

The cathedral stained glass and statuary had amazingly subtle and intricate scripture references and commentary.

Lanie (the Dread Dormomoo her own self) used the Paasche VL airbrush, and a Real Compressor (not one of those hobby putt-putt hobby compressors.) Our first compressor sounded like a Harley. So...go with summat that you can use for other real-world jobs.

Doom said...

Busy or did I step on some toes or bruise an ego. Never can tell, like I'd know. Even when some might think I should.

The Aardvark said...

We are HUGELY busy. I really need to settle on a schedule. My middle son (our work-horse) got a job out of town, and guess who is taking up the slack!!

Bear with me and my constant inconstancy!

Doom said...

Oh! Dang kids! Just checking. Mine is illness, yours is work. It's all good. Just didn't know if an apology or argument was at hand. Go on, urhm... enjoy? I'm not going anywhere, not fast. I'll tell ya.