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Monday, March 10, 2014

The show that Lovecraft built

Well, THAT was a horror. Plagued with obstreperous Skyping, I had to use DirectConnect that was less than stellar. Windows 8 keeps everything important effectively hidden from view, so I could not keep blathering AND look around for hidden audio sliders.

Altogether an unsatisfactory first run. I think the thing is fixed, now. I'll do a trial run, and then, 10PM Tuesday night.

Feeling more meh, less throwing things against a wall.
Grrrr, arrrrgggghhh.

Less than five minutes after bailing, I had it fixed. I am all too aware that I sounded, ummm,distracted. Well, it's because I was. Keeping up with notes, brainstorms, AND trying to find what to twiddle to make it sound less like two tin cans and a frayed string. I think that I discovered that I am afraid of my computer.


I am afraid of Windows 8, and of doing something that will disconnect me in mid-show.

I miss XP.

Heck, I miss ME. We had one of the three stable versions on the planet, I believe.