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Saturday, March 08, 2014


I'm getting hammered...and not in the putatively good way. Blog spam, those friendly attaboys praising my perspicacity and phraseology, with a "by the way, here is MY blog..." normally featuring "Xanax" or "Enlargement" in the link.

It has been a busy week, with a 1000+ wholesale order for our own 'Varky designs, local printing, Ukraine, and West Coast mutations. I do not have a boring life, fer shure. Had to put off the blogradio thing for a week, but I am scheduled for 10PM Monday night (CDT) for two glorious hours. I'll put up the link. It also has an archive feature, so that you may download and audition at your leisure. Here at the start, I do not have a toll-free number. If I can glom onto a sponsor, that will be the first upgrade.

MeTV is a load of dingo's kidneys tonight, so I am forgoing the usual soberblog of that trainwreck. Running DVDs while I print is what keeps me what we laughingly call sane, and I have had a good run of them. I finally saw Invaders From Mars, the wonderful '50s cold-war freakout flick. It will likely be featured in my first 'cast, along with kvetching about Hanford, our very own Fukushima-in-waiting. Then we'll get to the serious stuff. Finally saw The Giant Claw, which utterly transcends the "could be worse" category. Even with the marionette monster, it is an engaging movie, with more science than technobabble.