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Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Darkness, She Spreads!

Lest anyone think that my accession to the role of 'Varky King of Crime was a pose, understand that yesterday I discovered my true favorite Bond film. It used to be You Only Live Twice, but now...

Casino Royale. The original.

I could be a heel for Vince McMahon, I could!


Also, as regards my incipient kingpin status, our convention tables shall be bereft of My Little Pony-Friendship Is Magic- related shirts. The Ponies are going to the glue factory. BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Also, the Dark Side has no cookies. It is a lie.

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Michael W said...

That opening bit to the 1967 "Casino Royale" is, to me, as perfect a textbook example of Brit Humor as one could wish for. Peter Sellers and Duncan Macrae meeting in the public outdoor toilet in (presumably) Paris.

Macrae: "Mr. Bond?"

Sellers: "Yes?"

Macrae: "I'm Lt. Mathis of the Special Police." (Goes over to stand before Sellers) "These are my credentials." (Both men glance down at something out of sight).

Sellers: "They appear to be in order."

Macrae (who does have credentials in hand when it becomes visible): "Come with me."

(Both actors calmly wander off, and the next sound you hear are hundreds of American jaws dropping open as audiences go "What . . . the . . .?")