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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This amused me no end:

"It's ridiculous to poop in a hole in the ground with a solar panel on the roof over your head and talk about sustainability.

Solar panels aren't made in a shed, and you don't swap last fall's rhubarb crop for them.

Your hammer came from Home Depot, not a forge in the back yard."


Michael W said...

For some reason this reminded me of something I read in one of Jeremiah's gaming magazines:

"No one wants to buy a drill. All they want is a hole in the wall."

Doom said...

The thing most don't understand about solar energy is... just the solar panels, alone, is so absolutely nasty to make that even if regular coal burning facilities were three times as "dirty", perhaps much more, they would be a bargain. Add in the controllers and everything else, and solar is so filthy even nuclear, the worst forms of it, at any speed, are polite in comparison.

There is no free lunch. Me? I'd have solar, just not tethered to public, if I could afford it. I just don't think "dirty" is a problem. My deal is, the people who do, have no idea. Electric cars? Dirtier than any gas guzzler. They are all talk or they would know these things. I'm just an efficiency, and self-sufficiency nut... I dig, but this information is on the surface and easy to find.

Eco-nuts are liars and cheats, nothing more.