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Saturday, December 07, 2013

The culture. It's fallen and it can't get up.

 This is the picture that started it:


For fifty years, the US has culturally sought to abandon anything resembling Christian ethics or behavior. Now, in our shiny post-Christian world, where J.C.Penney is no longer "The Golden Rule Store", people get upset when companies like McDonald's do not pay what would ostensibly be an ethical "living" wage to entry-level jobs.

The culture has self-consciously removed Biblical behavioral guidelines from personal and business life. Businessmen feel no need to "do to others as you want others to do to you".

Enjoy the world you have made.

*You...in the back; what? "What about the management of coal mines and Chicago stockyards in the '30s, way before my putative fifty-year line?" *

Certainly there have been shady dealings since the serpent bartered continuing adult education for the title deed to Terra. Coal mines and Cannery Row (I know...fish), again, granted.Welcome to Calvin 101. Total depravity of humankind. But Christ's teaching in the broader society made for a largely better society (again, "do unto others..."). The mess we see now is a lovely combo of man's innate rebellion and a proof of the Pauline Theorem, "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil". How shall we combat this, with the real Golden Rule, or by eschewing such ethical teaching and keeping Wall Street and the international banking cartels in the hands of sociopaths?

The morals are already fallen, You In The Back. By deleting even reference to God, Christ's teaching and redemption from the marketplace, we remove the wherewithal for the culture to get up again.

That said, some church people's incessant need to play the "JUDGE" card does not help. Not in our pay grade. We are to speak as far as God's Word allows...no farther. I can warn someone of peril, but I have no authority to punch anyone's ticket. The aberrant "make converts" vs. Jesus' "Make disciples" practice is another problem. One changes what seat you inhabit on Sunday morning, the other changes your life and equips you to help change the culture...by making disciples.

Has anyone taken seriously the call to take Christ into the Boardroom, as well as to the Soup Kitchen?


-Warren Zoell said...

If they don't like the wages they get working at McDonald's let them quit and go find something else that pays better. They shouldn't have agreed to work there in he first place if they didn't like the wages. Remember these types of jobs are intended for teenagers still living at home and need work experience. There shouldn't be a minimum wage at all. Let the free market determine their worth.
Come to think of it, I doubt they'd be able to work anywhere else. I certainly wouldn't hire them.

The Aardvark said...

This was my response on Facebook to the above image:

If X company can afford to pay its head $Y millions per year, it is not Z's bloody business what they do with the money.