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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

May I see your ID?

The flailing continues. The Voting Rights Act decision has many hieing to their fainting couches. Texas immediately implementing Voter ID somehow presages the end of Civil Rights as we know it. One teeny thing escapes people.

On the federal level, voting is not a right. Never has been. There is no Constitutional right to vote in a federal election. Read and see.

Voter ID accomplishes one thing: it identifies who is eligible to vote. If you are a citizen of the US ( and meet a few criteria, like not being a felon, being of legal age, like that) you have the franchise. You may vote. If you are not a citizen, you may not vote. How simple. Race does not enter the equation. Skin color does not. Accent does not.

Are. You. A. Citizen?

This has been spun into a Dread Racist Thing by people who are aiming for a particular group to add to their rolls, on its face a discriminatory act. Projection dictates that they call anyone "racist" who oppose their ploy, which predominately targets non-citizen Latinos to swell their voting rolls. Sounds like profiling to me.

Voter ID determines whether you are a citizen. Red, yellow, brown, black or white, ARE YOU A CITIZEN, and thus eligible to legally vote?

(Clearly I am eligible to split infinitives.)

Why would you want someone to vote illegally?

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Jay said...

If having to show ID to vote is a "racist" thing, then why do they ask "creepy ass crackers" like me to produce my drivers license at the polls in Ohio?