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Monday, June 10, 2013

From my Facebook Status

As an adjunct to my bid to become "Most Hated Christian Blogger", I have to say that I cannot take seriously teaching from anyone who writes that minimizing one's taxes is somehow bad Christian stewardship, and moneygrubbing to boot, because one does not want to pay MORE to the government so that THEY may take care of the poor.

Neither our Founder, Jesus, nor his loudest mouth Paul pointed the bony finger of indignation to either disciples OR Caesar demanding more taxation so that Rome could at least provide more bread (though perhaps fewer circuses) for the poor. Boy, howdy, the Holy Spirit sure missed a trick there! No, Jesus and His gospel teaching make clear that caring for the poor is my responsibility, and yours. A cup of cold water given in Jesus' name refreshes the recipient, and gives glory to God. Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and such shows practically the love of Christ in our obedience to His teaching, and our care for the needy. I do not have to pay a government official to handle the paperwork when I buy a homeless man a burger, or Widow Jones groceries for the week. Jesus' commands (!) do not require bureaucracy, they require our love and our obedience.

Here's an idea...re-read the Gospels again, as though you never read them before. Forget the pre-conceived notions. Forget the bad sermons, forget that Westboro Baptist exists. Forget all the things that everyone says to poison you against hearing How Love Works. Then try it.

It couldn't hoit.

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Doom said...

I honestly don't know where most people get their notion of love, government, generosity, and such. If you put the bible, faithfully, in a comic form, you couldn't mess it up this badly. I assume most of it comes from a combination of purpose centered disinformation and low-information people. If I can get it, coming from where I came, anyone can get it.

Lazy. Well... and fearful of the actual truth. It takes work and you are responsible, not the government, not "us", you. But it's not like that is all that heavy... usually. God provides for that, when it does get heavy. Bleh.