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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Ghostbusters cosplay...you're doing it wrong.

Wherein the Aardvark waxes wroth at masquerade malfeasance.  

 When you go to a fan convention, do not wear a Party City version of the signature costume of that fandom. This may scream "elitism" to you, but the Aardvark loves you, and wishes to save you embarrassment. You have people at EctoCon in St. Louis with very movie-accurate props, and the blow-up costumery just doesn't make the cut. What's great for a Hallowe'en or New Year's party just doesn't cut it at the con.

Elitism. Huh.
Welcome to Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday, being an exercise in staving off death-by-ennui.

Just heard a sci-fi gal mention "mundanes" with a verbal smirk. Mundanes are those who are not of the Body, not clued into the fannish gnosis; the terminally uncool; the very unGeorge. The ones who wait on you when you wear your costume to Steak and Shake, who check you out at Hobby Lobby when you are  buying a hot glue gun for affixing gears to your Dollar Store Nerf gun to go with your Steampunk outfit.


Breakfasted at Steak and Shake today. All of the breakfast offerings left me feeling conceptually queasy, so I defaulted to a burger; not a bad breakfast. Their coffee is quite good. As I was dispensing with my second cuppa, a white-haired lady whom I had smiled at as I was being seated stopped by my table, and commented upon my reading. She had been perusing a small booklet as well. She asked to join me, and I gestured her to sit. We determined that we were each believers in Christ, and this provided a baseline. she had worked on VBS curricula for the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, and that she wrote poetry. We had a lovely chat, but I had to leave and set up my table for the day's sales.  It was a pleasant start to the day.

In deference to my Muse, I am remembering old projects that need new life. Several stories being born again. One is in process.
 I believe that I am an inherently lazy person, in that my writing tends toward short fiction. Very short. I fear I write precis rather than stories.
I will post this, now, to give you summat to do.



Doom said...

Urhm, which I why I can't go to... cons... of any sort. Even at gun shows I often feel like an outsider. A gun to me, for example, is merely a tool. I don't engolden my hammer, my car, or my gun. I prefer stock to custom. I suppose if they held a Christian Con, I could go as a form of War. It would be psychological, War wears what he wears, is what he is.

It's always interesting to meet a fellow Christian, even (or more so) one of another form of Christianity(tm). I don't so much like or favor Christians(tm) as believers and the faithful. While I have my line and beliefs, those are for me. And where two or more gather? Even if it incidental. I love those little moments. I usually turn a sales pitch effort into a communion, right over protestations. :) Doesn't sound like that was your gig, so even better.

Most food offerings at most fast/medium chains make me queasy. I've become spoiled on home-cooked and decent 'bones' as a basis for my food. Plasti-meals... while I can eat them and do fine, just don't... sit right to my mind.

The Aardvark said...

You never cease to fascinate.

The impromptu moments of fellowship "in the marketplace" are precious to me.

The good news is that Steak and Shake is sort of a stripped-down diner chain, and serve actual food, and infinitely better food than the Holiday Inn breakfast offerings.

Cereal and Plop-tarts used to be fine, but my breakfasting has moved into a more Japanese mode: foods one eats the for other meals also.