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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Columbus Friday

Overnight, it snowed in Columbus, Ohio. Not the gladsome snow which brings to memory sleighbells, Grandma's house redolent of holiday comestibles, and mistletoe. No, this was the snow that is wholly inadequate to the task, that renders the world in grey tones, the city become a Christmas gulag.

The Armageddicon did OK for the first day. People liked our offerings, and bought the "I missed the end of the world" shirt with some gusto!

I note in passing that it is a shame how fandom ruins so many fun things. Homestuck, MLP-FIM, like that. Loki freaks make me not want to watch the Avengers movie.

The snow has continued apace, and is becoming credible.

Got a call from Jay. Brake issues prevent his coming to the con. I am sad. Bono pizza must wait for another time. Sorry you had the trouble, but I'm happy you found out in a benign fashion!

There is no appreciable degradation of the earth's dimensional stability. So far.

9PM some-odd. Here is snowy Columbus, again from my room.

On-track, sales-wise. And the world is still here.

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