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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Extra Credit

Find the fallacy (ies) in this quote:


Answer early, answer often.


-Warren Zoell said...

No it wasn't a result of our societies constant moral decay in every facet of our lives over the past 100 years, brought on mainly by progressive and socialist thought being heaped upon us one piece at a time. No no. It was those nasty conservatives and their insistence on the right to bare arms.(sarc)
We've turned our backs on God and now we're paying for it.
Those killings are just another symptom of the disease. And the very type of people who created the breeding ground for this kind of tragedy to occur are blaming the very thing that could have stopped it. How far would it have gotten if the Principle and/or teachers would have been allowed to carry an assault rifle?
I blame our society, not guns.

The Aardvark said...

I am caught by the statement the President made about there being four mass killings during his presidency. I do not think the lines on the 'prompter pierced the blood-brain barrier.

I am NOT "blaming" him; just think the little fact was very interesting, though there is nothing concrete for me to pin it to.

I DO find the synchronicity of a very anti-Second Amendment administration with these four VERY public shootings to be a fascinating concurrence.

Doom said...

I think there was a lot wrong with the gif. I don't think there have been 31 school shootings, even counting colleges. I don't think everyone has to take off their shoes, though I don't fly so can't swear to that. And, well, the gun laws have changed, if toward allowing more to carry, with the final state that banned conceal carry being ordered to write a permissive law within... 90 or 180 days or so.

Although, I do believe violent crime, in the US (save certain cities *cough*) has declined dramatically.

Did I hit what was wrong? I really do think the whole thing was a fallacy.

The Aardvark said...

Very good, all...you in the back...Bueller?