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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Six hundred, sixty, and six.

I  received this notification from Etsy (where I sell my shirts online) a few days ago:

"Due to your direct checkout sales volume, we'd like to collect some tax-related info from you.

We are doing this to comply with a new IRS rule that requires Etsy to report sales information, in the form of a 1099-K, for sellers who have reached certain sales thresholds for the year.

This information will be stored with your account and will be used to provide you with a form 1099-K at the end of the year if you do end up reaching the gross sales thresholds." 

I am livid. All the propaganda involved with the income tax hoots about "voluntary compliance", but with the (way past) dawn of the cashless society, every transaction is ultimately trackable. I hear Jack Strawman muttering "Well, if you weren't trying to hide something, it wouldn't bother you." I am not hiding b*mbs, nor Al Qaeda in my trousers, but it bothers me for some TSA lackey to stick his hands in them. The presumption of "guilty until proven innocent" evident in these IRS rules is patently unConstitutional, habeas corpus and all that. I may have to go back to a website-based sales model, which means I have to spend money and time developing a new site which will likely NOT be as friendly for me to use as Etsy.

Color me peeved.

EVERYONE of any size remotely attached to the government (schools, colleges, Baptist churches) requires that I fill out a W-9 if I am to be allowed to sell to them.

Remember, kiddies?

Of course, these are organizations that obtain monies, or special favors, from the Givement, so it makes sense having that requirement, but mere sense doth not it Constitutional make.

Both "real" candidates are big-government characters. I would encourage looking into Gary Johnson.


Doom said...

I've looked at Johnson. I can't go there, either, personally. I know that you are basically right. I also know I don't have a choice. If you at least can believe in Johnson, you at least have someone.

The number of the beast is probably numerologically related to... was it Nero? One of those old time bastages. While it refers to his name in numbers, I think what it means is caesar, king, emperor, call it what you will. While communism technically doesn't have one of those, the ruling body vying against the cult of personality of whatever passes for it's leader (I guess that is supposed to be their checks and balances?), the notion of communism/socialism itself is dictatorial. I am not sure the early Church or even the Jewish nation had ever encountered something so vile, save mobs. But they did know what those were, only they were never put in power as a government.

The Aardvark said...

My main prob with Johnson is his "everyone has a Constitutional right to marry".

Wrong-o, Mary Lou. Constitution does not cover privileges.

Yah, the "666" was code for Nero. The concept of "a mark without which you cannot buy or sell" is a powerful statist tool. Rome knew it, and Washington does, too.

Doom said...

While I am against gay marriage, by state. I am against the state having a say in marriages at all. So, in a very round about way, I am almost with Johnson on this one. Simply, if I could get the state out of marriages, to include license, taxes, even child support and all the rest... some "churches" would do exactly what I personally oppose. However, I do oppose his means, that of state allowance... because when the state says something is legal, than any resistance to it (including within Churches) becomes illegal.

As for the power to buy and sell, I keep watching for that. They keep trying, little things. But little things always lead to bigger things, both in congruency with each other and with a final legislative grab. Zerocare is just such a thing. If it is smaller, it opens the window. And, of course, it is based on all the littler things before it (medicaid, medicare, medicine supplemental, and all that jazz).

Gah! Just try to get rid of medicare and medicaid, let alone social security! Evil is now sacrosanct.