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Thursday, October 04, 2012

...and then there were none.

Well, four jobs printed today, and I am still upright. Busy, busy. I fixed fried rice, and The Dread Dormomoo did porkchops and onions. Makes a lovely combo! We ate and watched the premiere Who episode for this season, "The Dalek Asylum". We must work our way through to episode 5, the much-spoilered "Daleks Take Manhattan" this weekend. But there is much work as well, so it will all get done somehow.

This is a droll comment:
And Rawesome Green Foods wouldn't be allowed to debate.

 So no Libertarian Party or Constitution Party debaters. Hmmm.
(Gary Johnson is the Libertarian, and is pushing hard to be included. Gary, meet Immovable Object.)

I will write more over the weekend. I dunno about what, as I am weary of the whole two-headed snake of the Republocrats. Neither am I a Loki fangirl, so I won't have "Avengers" fits. (Haven't even seen the movie, yet. The Fans are off-putting to me. Yah. Elitist.

So, happy Friday, all!

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