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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The epizoodic subsides.

The amazing biochemical cocktail I was given is doing a slash-and-burn in my 'Varky bod, killing the Viral Horde or whatever by the millions. Obi-Wan would stumble and impersonate an aspirin advert.
This to say I am feeling better.

Here is a book worth reading:


Gary North (Yes, THAT Gary North, the Y2K Harbinger of Note - he was correct as to the danger; he was incorrect as to how much had been done to mitigate the problem.) wrote a book of amazing depth regarding causes of our cultural decay, and did so while avoiding Muppetly arm-flailing. Key is recognising that the renascence of occultism signals the approaching end of a culture. Vox Day has elsewhere postulated that the shiny-happy-rational-sci-fi society as prophesied by the New Atheists like Richard Dawkins is not the ultimate end of a culture who rejects God, but rather a dark paganism, given (human) Nature's abhorrence of vacuums. See the rise of paganism at the end of the humanist Italian Renaissance. Unholy Spirits is a work that avoids sensationalism, but rather uses Reformation sensibilities to see through the miasma of hype surrounding everything from the Beatles to UFOs, psychic surgery, and other New Age stuff. Think the X-Files in Jesus' name. (I have actually resurrected my copy of the book to prepare for a Sunday School series at church. I hope I can sell this to the elders!) 

That North offers the now OOP book gratis on his website is a testament to his seriousness about people knowing about his message. He offers a LOT of free and very good and thoughtful stuff there.

Have a lovely week-end! In a couple of days I shall share our latest radio ad, courtesy of Vidad.


Michael W said...

@Aardvark: "Key is recognising that the renascence of occultism signals the approaching end of a culture."

Don't know if this qualifies as a symptom but, over in the Tom Swift group, a recurring topic of discussion is young people reading more fantasy than science-fiction (that is presuming the little yard apes read in the first place, which is debatable).

Michael W said...

And it's good to hear you're doing better. That must've been one toxic convention you attended.

(Instead of Legionnaire's Disease, did you perhaps contract Legion of Super-Heroes Disease?)

The Aardvark said...

Michael, that is a telling comment. I remember the puffery of Harry Potter (or was it Hufflepuffery?) that "Well, the kids are reading". I also remember the '80s promotion of comics. "Johnny's reading comic books!" Johnny: "Yes, I'm reading books.".

Dunno where I picked up this dreadful thing. really. Now Al has it, too.

Michael W said...

I don't discount fantasy entirely. But when I was growing up I read Heinlein, Asimov, etc. Stories where the characters actually had to have something between their ears (as opposed to simply waving a wand and "poof" there it is).

We try to promote Wonder, but we fail to mention that even Wonder takes genuine effort, or else it's worthless.

Jay said...

@both: Problem is, most can't tell the difference between fantasy & science fiction ... & neither can a lot of the authors! Or for that matter fantasy @ reality.

@Michael W: Don't say "poof", it gets the lavender love crowd mad. Also, who needs Wonder when you can have CGI?

Michael W said...

@Jay --- I was about to say "screw the lavender love crowd", but caught myself just in time.

"Also, who needs Wonder when you can have CGI?"

Welcome to the Michael Bay School of Film Making.