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Friday, August 10, 2012

Facebook Follies Without Filtration


Back from Anime Festival Orlando...I am now a walking Petri dish for con crud. Please pray, but don't come visit. I would hate to gift you with it. I shall try to keep my lungs in my chest.


So, the epizoodic appears to be moving into flu territory real soon now.


Anyone I was with, megadose with C's, take intravenous Barley Grass... whatever is your pet nostrum against Senor Influenza. Yogurt and Cayenne colonics. I dunno.

Prayers are heartily requested.


My doctor gave me a cocktail: Cipro, prednisone, and a codeine chaser. Guess how much I got done today! This for five days.


SO WHAT'S THE POINT? (Other than, of course, an Aardvark's desire to be petted and "there-there'd".)

 Codeine is a useful potion. Deals with pain, the need to cough overmuch, and it seems to remove filters.

I am not a hater, or a 'phobe. Other than as regards stupidity. Even mathematical stupidity. Or especially.

Why don't we of the church quit letting the non-christians tell us what being a christian is all about?

I mean really. 35% play Monopoly, but 1-4% of the population want to see them play by the rules of Tiddly-Winks.

If you want to tell us what being a christian is all about, try reading and studying and practicing and fellowshipping like many of us have done for decades. (Ooooh, logical fallacy. Argument from authority!) Well, perhaps the authority of the word of God. That's pretty authoritative, if you are playing that game.

It's a long game, but the payoff is amazing.

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