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Friday, August 24, 2012


...So sez the world.

People who CAN"T or WON'T are enraged by those who DO. This is typified by the current Lance Armstrong thing. He has passed numerous doping tests in the past.
I believe his greatest crime is being an American, and beating the Europeans at their game seven times.



Lookit...achievement is achievement. If athletes insist upon "doping" then what you do is have two organisations: the Natural Talent Leagues and the Borg Leagues. The Borgs may enhance their performance with hormones, nanobots, bionic implants, whatever can make them put a baseball in orbit or make them break the sound barrier on a bicycle. The Natural Leagues are non-doping, muscles as God made 'em. Each group has its own records, no kindergarten asterisks, and each can feel superior to the other. This way Congress can waste its time and our money on something other than what pills or shots ath-uh-letes are using.

Everybody wins! You heard it here first. "Natural Talent Leagues" and "Borg Leagues" and their derivatives are (c) me, the Aardvark. Let the money flow!!!

Oh, wait...this is a blog, and my name isn't Wil Wheaton.


Michael W said...

And you heard it here next. Eventually there will arise a new industry. Professional "innocents". People who have been internationally proven and licensed to be drug-free and unenhanced by technology. These will be the only people legally allowed to compete in professional sports.

(Hmmm, maybe I should copyright that.)

The Aardvark said...


Doom said...

Oh, I gave up on sports when I realized, enhanced or not, winning was a matter of guys named Guido or Don King. Pro-wrestling was my first hint, then I started sniffing around the others and realized it was all a racket run by bookies (if not all bookies were in on all 'the scores').

If you want to be a part of fair (or real) sports, pick up the bat, grab the basketball, put on the pads, whatever, and create your own league (though good luck with that). Still, it's about the only way... and it will end up lopsided... as would most sports if not rigged. Bleh... I quit sports long before I quit politics if... they are same same, give or take.