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Sunday, July 08, 2012

If you read the Bible with an agenda, you get your agenda.

If you read the Bible with no agenda, you get the truth.


Doom said...

Damn book is always telling me what to do! Way to funny when you stop and realize some people really feel that way! I've always just asked them why, then, bother reading it? *laughs myself to... brb*

I can't quite find an agenda to bring to reading the scriptures. And just one passage usually won't do on a subject anyway. There needs to be coherence, and understanding, which I don't always have. That's part of the reason I trust my Church as I do, or... historically, hermeneutically.

The Aardvark said...

Many people go to God's Word with their own little thing in mind, seeking to be validated. Facebook is full of it (!): people cherry-picking verses to "support" their own opinion, sin or prejudice. Think how many times you see "Jesus taught to 'judge not'!". This is what I'm talking about: people seeking to instruct God or the church with their favorite "get out of jail free" verse.

Michael W said...

In her classic little book "84, Charing Cross Road", Helene Hanff comments on how people who travel to England will find the England they're looking for.

I take no small amount of pleasure in contemplating how so many people consider the Bible to be inviolable. Otherwise there'd be literally hundreds of Bibles edited to support (or at least to lend some sort of vague credence) this or that view.

The Aardvark said...

Yes! The England of Lewis and Tolkien and Eliot! The Inkling Isle!

Alas, you are late to the party. There is a plethora of "The ( ) Bible: editions floating around. The Housewife's, the Student's, the Busy Executive's, like that, all with Special Notes for YOUR Special Niche.

(Granted this is somewhat different from editing the text to slant it thus-and-so, but the spirit of it is there, at least from a marketing point of view. "You are a Special Snowflake and so the Bible must talk Just To You and to Your Peculiar Needs.")

It IS good that Biblical inviolability is summat entrenched in the culture. Otherwise, yes....

Jay said...

"Facebook is full of it (!)"

Yes ... it is. I can't even use the dang thing!

An aquaintance said: "The bible was made for a male dominated agrarian society." Gee ... what were we when "the lights went out" over a week ago? Honestly, whatever their little ideology is, it always trumps the absolute, wether it's the Bible or objective reality. And if it doesn't fit, then by GOD (their version), they'll make it fit!