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Saturday, July 28, 2012

...a single tear...

I am dreadfully fixated. I have LOST perhaps the two best things I have ever written. One was the logical ending of a little-known Brit SF series, Joe 90, the other a superhero horror piece. His power is resurrection. He cannot stay dead. The problem: he remembers every death.

If I have sent either story for your perusal, please send me what you have. If not, well, I shall endeavor not to go the Hemingway route.

(WAIT! This is not the Facebook. I do not have to do drama here!)

And yes, I know about backups, and Carbonite. I do them.



Michael W said...

You must be the only person I know who's written Joe 90 fiction.

The Aardvark said...

It is because I actually sat and THOUGHT about the premise, and the idea of using "kitchen sink science' on your own child. Implanting brain patterns? There can be only one outcome.

The outcry from the nations when the "Joe" data got leaked brought down World Intelligence.

Michael W said...

Yeah, when Professor McClaine first explained his process I was hoping there'd be a severe moment of silence, all heads turning to him.