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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Your Humble has been published!

This means that he has done what he does here, but someone else pressed "Publish".

My pay rate is precisely the same.



Michael W said...

Yes, your pay rate is the same. That's not the point (at least, not most of it). The point is seeing your name in print alongside the word "by" (or "written by").

It's better than sex!

Michael W said...

Oh, and congratulations!

The Aardvark said...

You are correct, sir. Shucks, I am thrilled when I get a comment here.

I think I want to put up the weird Captain Scarlet-ey superhero story on ANF. OH! Ian has written some ripping stuff on ANF as well. Well worth the search.

Oh, and thank you!

Rigel Kent said...


The Aardvark said...

Thank you, Rigel!

QUESTION: I have put up a couple of things on the various writing blogs of the OC's (like the were-slug story). Those are still mine to do with as I wish, yes?

Rigel Kent said...

That was always his (the OC's)policy, except for Stupefying Stories where he paid for the stories. One thing, you will want to check the policies of wherever you submit them to as some places will have rules against previously published materiel.

As to the story, since I've now had a chance to read it, I think the characterization of the HUN was great. Even though it was a short piece I got just an excellent idea of who the character was.

And the ending gave me a good laugh.

The Aardvark said...

I value that so very much coming from you. Thank you, Rigel.

Doom said...

Actually, it looks like you deserve to be in print. I honestly wish there were more writers like you. Seriously. Clean. Even. Good flow. Intelligent.


The Aardvark said...

Thank you, Doom!

Jay said...

" ... the college campus was sprawling, and split by a lake with a wide causewalk."

Is this in reference to a certain "parting of the waters" & some coots?

I love cats, but once they get a "taste" there's no stopping them. Nasty little killers ...

Loved the story! Any more in the offing? As the Japanese say, "Looking forward to it". Or is that just an anime thing?