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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Voice of the Martyrs

 It redefines irony, seeing the whine machine cranked up so. The people who have rejected five thousand years of covenant history and civilization to redefine human relationships, are now surprised and horrified that anyone would deign disagree, and are suffering for their stance. I see it everywhere on Fa-CHAY-book: the sadness, the pain caused by Sticking Up For One's Beliefs. As the artist must suffer for his art, so the Four Percent and their Rainbow Coalition are experiencing the discomfort and loss of taking the unpopular route.

"I can no longer get the best Southern lemonade to take home and mix with rum". 

"I love the sandwiches, but I will never eat there again."

It pains, to see them agonize so.

And my personal favorite:

The most passive-aggressive response I have ever seen.  

I suppose that their diversity and inclusiveness does not accommodate people who disagree with their political and social sensitivities. To put it another way:

Disagreement With My Opinion = Hate.

Behold the Face of EEEEE_vil.

Chik-Fil-A has always been very open about their corporate culture. They are Christian, of the Baptist variety, which generally has little truck with messing with Divine Order. "For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh." Moses wrote it, and Jesus was sufficiently impressed to quote it. How hard is it to understand? The narcissism inherent with the whole gay thing (And having grown up in a homosexual household, I am witness to this, not only in the home, but also from the various orbiters, hangers-on, and moochers who cycled in and out.) bears the fruit of not caring what history or law or religions have said for millennia, but wanting what I want NOW! The attempt to overthrow social norms so as to appear normalized and accepted is paramount.

I have good friends who are gay. I have straight friends. As I have said before, I don't really care what you do in the privacy of your bedroom, or dungeon, or wherever. Not interested. Just don't judge me the way you may claim others judge you. Don't call me "hater" just because I don't want the order of things overthrown for your convenience. Fairness exists as a kindergarten  fantasy, nothing more.

I see lots of pretty-colored pictures online proclaiming gay moral supremacy, and painting every Bible-follower with a Westboro brush (more irony, since the Westboro crowd clearly do not follow Jesus' teaching or methodology) A popular series is making the case for "love", not mere "parts". If this is the case, what problem is there? If coupling odd parts is not in fact the point, lovely. Love who you wish. But this is a dodge, much as popular cults who seek to present themselves as "Christian". It is about Teh Sex. Just like historical marriage is, so at least be honest.

This would not taste good.

If you want to boycott that Popular Chicken Sandwich, fine. Enjoy your martyrdom. Zaxby's is second-best. Enjoy it. But don't preen and try to come off like Gandhi or MLK. Jr, just because you have changed your fast-food habits.  It is far harder to change a culture built upon five millennia of tradition. We have swung a ways on the societal pendulum. The old order is not happy. Play nice, or the backswing may not be as fun a ride for you. The pendulum can be the pits.

Pass the waffle fries.
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Jay said...

Just recently had a "bout" with a "martyr" of another kind & it opened my eyes a bit more.

A few days before, I heard of a poll indicating that, more than likely, at least 90% of black voters were going to vote for Obama in spite of the last 3+ years. I wondered how that could be.

Sometime after, I was talking to a black gentleman at work & he said something negative about taxes. I mentioned the Tea Party & he got slightly agitated & decried their "racism". I informed him of my interesting past with the white supremecist movement & what a disappointment Tea Partiers would have been to the various folks at the paranoia fests I had attended.

He immediately backed off on that & the talk went on to other things such as health care & other things political.

The upshot was that people hate Obama because he's black & not that in actuality he's a lousey president, that all the country's ills are caused by racism, & that my positions on freedom & liberty were a smoke screen for my own racism.

It was obvious he was dealing the race card early & often & from the bottom of the deck. When he found he couldn't shake me on my positions & I wasn't going to plead my innocence & apologize for my own ancestry he gave up.

It all came down to racism with him wich I found to be funny as he unknowingly displayed racism of his own.

I find it funny when I am informed that only I, the white person am capable of racism. Their reasoning is that they are not in a position of power & thus incapable of racism.

I assume that means I'm in that position of power. I find this interesting as, being a janitor, I don't feel all that powerful. You see, I've been looking for "the white boys club" for almost 35 years & have yet to find it. If I had such "power" I would have used it long ago. I could really use the extra cash, the Cadillac, investments, trust fund, trophy wife, trophy mistresses etc. It'd really be a kick to call up my fellow Bilderbergers at SEELE headquarters & order up a new batch of misery to unleash on the world.

As it is, I just have to keep looking. Maybe my former debator of a couple days ago might tell me where to find the club. He seemed so certain I was part of that power structure.

As for Mr. Cathys' position, I didn't hear of him saying anything about discrimination against homosexuals or of harming them in any way. Maybe it's that smoke screen of belief that's concealing his "hate". It's good to know the gays can see right through it & inform us.

Jay said...

Oh yes! If the muppets say it's so then it must be in the right & more then true. Mr. Cathy & the rest of the "God bunch" are definitely in the wrong. We might as well raise the white flag & pack it in. There is no arguing against that.

The Aardvark said...

Your cow-orker is really a victim. He has been fed the "racism" bit for his entire life, from the "black leaders", to whatever pulpiteer he listens to.

If someone cannot be racist, then he recognises that his group is not special or superior, for that is the essence of racism. Strange. NOTE: I am merely playing with the word and its actual definition. "Racist" has been Humpty Dumptied into an unrecognisable emotion trigger.

Mr. Cathy supports traditional (Biblical) family organisations. They are pro-family, not anti-gay.

There IS a difference.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Good points, well made.
I plan to do lunch there on 1AUG2012, because of respect for their opinion, to say nothing of their sand.
My family sucked, and sucks, but I do not see procreation occuring outside the NORMAL model, and when we get right down to it, that's why these birds have their panties in a bunch:
The lack of procreative ability proves it's not normal.

All the unjust law of corrupt, sodomite-filled governments will not change that.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Can't change reality.

Michael W said...

@Galt-in-Da-Box: Can't change reality.

Can't stop wishing!

Doom said...

Uhrm, man-woman isn't based on Xk years of tradition, it is based on the reproduction of the human species. Not even in contention in orders of magnitude difference. They simply can't win, they are, by their very nature, extinguishing themselves.

The Aardvark said...

@Doom- I wasn't even gonna bring that up. Yet. Just dealing with the cultural aspects. I'll let others deal with the rest. I would hate to be tagged as an anti-anything, or a summat-phobe. I'm really tired of the whole thing. The beauty of it is that both sides of THIS particular tempest are being used as political pawns.

Jay said...

@ Doom - Nature has since the beginning of everything "passed" sentance on them: The vast majority of them will NEVER reproduce.