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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I would like to thank all of the little peee-pul....


"If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen." - Barack Hussein Obama

Back from a weekend of harrowing commerce. We had three conventions this weekend, and the prep was brutal, hence my silence here. We broke our sales records for that con at Ikasucon, which is a good thing for a tiny con. G-Fest in CHicago was excellent, as was ConnectiCon! This success has caused me to ponder all of our modest success over the past twenty-one-plus years, and as Our Prexy has declared it so, I must thank everyone who actually did the work to get us here, as clearly we had nothing to do with it whatever.

Aardvark (formerly Lifetees, from when we did "witness wear" that was not commercially derivative, and that everyone liked except customers) began with a Little Talk between my father -in-law Bud and me, when he asked what we were researching business-wise. I outlined the equipment needed, including a blistering-fast 286 computer. I talked with him about the shirt business (The Dread Dormomoo and I had done airbrush t-shirt sales for ten years up to that point), he listened, looked at the figures and equipment, shoved the notes back at me and said "Get it.". We did, and we haven't looked back. I sold a 1980 Mustang (the worst design year) and had the front of our garage enclosed. Thus began the biz.

From that start, our family business grew. We started it with a view, not only to keep body-and-soul together, but to provide a business for our kids, so they would not have to kowtow to people of lesser ability and intelligence for their daily bread. If you think this is elitist, also think about your last supervisor. We have worked for over two decades to build a successful and popular t-shirt company, except that now I learn that we did not. Consequently, I must thank the people who did, though I do not know them.

I would like to thank the welfare recipients who using their voluminous free time, apparently researched screenprinting for us so that we could gain the proper knowledge to implement our business plan.

I would like to thank the Public Works people who bought (and continue to purchase for us) the shirts, the consumables like ink and various chemicals we use in our business. This frees the Dread Dormomoo from multiplied hours per week of shirt purchasing and inventorying, and allows her to better pursue her penchant for bonbons and soap operas. All of your help has truly provided her the life of Riley.

To all of the EBT card users, I want to express my extreme thanks for all the art and design work you do for us. Without you, there would be no t-shirt designs from the Aardvark. The DD, Riatsila and I appreciate freeing up our time and energy in this way.

I want to thank all the un-named heroes who worked sixty to eighty hours per week printing job after job, preventing me from muscular and joint aches and pains and messing up my shoulders from repetitive motion injury. 

Most especially, I would like to thank the Unknowns who spent time and energy for over twenty years meeting with customers, dealing with them, clearing up snafus, turning thumbnails into usable full-scale art, showing a friendly and personable face to the public, and giving us an excellent reputation for customer service, with 100% feedback on both eBay and Etsy. Thanks for our not having to lift a finger to accomplish this!

You have no idea how wonderful it has been to have not-worked for over two decades, so that our business could grow to become a major shirt company in the pop-culture convention community. Thank to all who drove to cons, their vans loaded with shirts to sell to anime and SF fans, those who provided a friendly face to our business.

It is so hard to fill our empty hours. Thank you for making this happen for us.


Michael W said...

Three conventions in one weekend???

It's official. You're made of stronger stuff than I am.

The Aardvark said...

I was only at one. :^)

The prep was a bear, though!

Doom said...

The nice thing about Obama? He his hanging himself. All the idiots did, with their "good intentions"? Was... give him the rope.

Oh, and congratulations... on the serious side, boss. :)

Jay said...

In reference to an earlier post of yours: Your prices may be "too high" but then, so is the quality. I'm quite pleased with the way the shirts/logos have held up after repeated washings. Will get more come con time.

"... but to provide a business for our kids, so they would not have to kowtow to people of lesser ability and intelligence for their daily bread. If you think this is elitist, also think about your last supervisor."

I know EXACTLY what you mean! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO FUTURE IN WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE! The jerks I've run into over the years with their petty & not so petty weirdness ...

Whenever a workplace "massacre" is in the news, my first thought is "What did they do to tick him off?". The media hacks always get to interviewing the very kind of people who are part of the problem. "Gosh, golly, gee whiz! We have absolutely no idea why he would do such a hor ... en ... dous ... thing." Lucky for the fool he was in another department that day. I believe part of the reason some businesses have a no weapons policy on their "slaves" is to protect themselves from those they abuse.

A certain German politician wrote in a book back in the twenties about the abuse by both trade unions & employers. Then as now they had the smug attitude of "If you don't like it here then go work somewhere else." knowing full well the guy can't afford to just up & quit. It's not like one would be working elsewhere the next day (I was able to do that once. It felt great!). So one is stuck for a time.

The author concluded that even if you could leave that didn't give anyone the right to abuse you. Oh yeah, the book was Mein Kampf. The author "you know who". Of all people to say something like that! The smug capitalists who run their workplaces like mini North Koreas should hang their heads in shame.

I make a distinction between capitalism & free enterprise. Maybe I'll write an article in my own blog about that.

Please feel free to delete this rant if you feel you must.