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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


If you were/are a fan of Animaniacs, I would like to encourage a touch of charitable-ness.

Betty and Byron Vaughns were involved in the production, and they were burned out last year, lost 'most everything. Also, the animation industry is on the skids out in California, and they have no work.
(Sound familiar? Thanks Japan and Korea, and their US enablers!) Here is their own report:

Most of you remember me, Byron Vaughns; some may know my wife Betty and some do not know us at all.  This blog was really started for her and we really need your help.

Betty formerly worked as my production assistant at Warner Bros. Animation when I was a director on Tiny Toons and Animaniacs; she moved on to working with the development department under Jean McCurdy in the 1990’s.  She later worked as a producer on a pilot for Nick Jr. before becoming the Administrative Director of Animation Creations, our animation workshop studio for children located in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Recently, she has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and is facing quadruple bypass surgery (high risk because of the high cholesterol & diabetes) and has lost sight in her left eye due to glaucoma. This situation has been compounded with a time consuming move from Arleta to Sylmar (she had to be rushed to the emergency room during that time).

The rest of their report is here.

Please go read their story. I learned of them from "Uncle" Eddie Fitzgerald's blog, (a friend of John Kricfalusi's, and the man "Pinky" the mouse was modeled after. Narf.) They have a real need, and if you have the ability (even a 10-spot) send 'em something. They have gotten approximately 1/3 of what they really need, to my knowledge. So help me prove the proggies wrong, that they do not need the Give-ment to bail them out. Friends they do not know they have will help them make it.

If you are in Dire Straits, then if you are so inclined, pray for the Vaughns, that they may get animation work, get monies, and get Betty back to good health. In fact, not IF.  Do it regardless of Straits! Good for them, good for you.

If YOU have a blog, please do a version of this on yours. Let's help. Donations can be done via PayPal on their site linked above.

Thank you.


Jay Agan said...

Can I just repost this on my blog?

The Aardvark said...

Sure thing! Thanks Jay.

Michael W said...

Unfortunately it will have to be intense prayer from me. But it's readily available to anyone who's performed yeoman work in American animation, especially for Animaniacs (Slappy Squirrel is one of the rare female characters I hope to be when I grow up).

The Aardvark said...

Nothing unfortunate there, Michael.

And "Amen" about Slappy. Her voice actress was the body model for "Ariel" in The Little Mermaid".


How's that for "from the sublime to the ridiculous"?

Michael W said...

The body of Ariel and the voice of Slappy. Sounds like something out of Greek mythology.

But I can genuinely feel for the Vaughns (except Denise and I haven't been burned out. Yet). Artists and combat veterans tend to share a common fate in this society. We make great noises about how wonderful and necessary they are, and then turn around and sweep them aside when they're no longer needed.

Makes me wish I had an animation studio. People like the Vaughns would be useful.

The Aardvark said...

Yeppers. I keep thinking that when Publishers Clearing House rings the doorbell (I don't do the lottery...I only bet on SURE things.) I will be able to employ the variegated talents (sounds so much better than "motley") of those in my Sphere.

(Hmmmm....the world needs a new "Aardvark" cartoon.)

The Aardvark said...

"The body of Ariel and the voice of Slappy. Sounds like something out of Greek mythology."

As Howard Cosell would have said, but probably didn't:

"Truly a God.......there is.".