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Friday, February 10, 2012

And so it goes. It may shock some whom I have known that this offends me to the core. Not merely the crass merchandising of The Faith Once Delivered, but the clear conflation of the United States of America with the Christian faith.  This is the sort of stuff that has the irreligious and the militant atheists quaking in their Birkenstocks, while we look dumbfounded and wonder "Where do they get that theocracy nonsense?".

Right here, kiddies.

Now, I am a theologically conservative Christian, as well as a Constitutional Libertarian. One thing I am clear on: The US is not the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom cannot be balloted in, nor Executive Ordered. The Kingdom comes when individuals disciple other individuals to the truths of God's Kingdom, before which all earthly power and instrumentality must bow, either now, or in the Judgement.

The Kingdom will not gain citizens through lapel pins, bumper stickers, or t-shirts. (Heresy!) It will come only through teaching the Gospel to people who will listen, learn, and believe with concomitant action.

You would be better served to buy things that will help you do that, than purchasing tacky trinkets to brand yourself with. Do good to all, especially your brethren. Love God, and love others with a love that requires no paybacks. DO the Gospel.

As to voting, vote for the one who best exemplifies the nation, the Constitution, and will do his job honestly. I'm sorry, it isn't "Anybody But Obama". It is "Who Will Do Right?".


Michael W said...

"I'm sorry, it isn't 'Anybody But Obama'. It is 'Who Will Do Right?'."

Gasp! You flaming radical!

The Aardvark said...

Your use of the word "flaming" amuses me.

Flaming radical. Is that like being a Log Cabin Republican?

Michael W said...

Well, I didn't want to leave it hanging at just "radical" so I went hunting for an adjective. I saw "flaming" in the store window and it was just so cute, sitting there and wagging its tail . . .