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Sunday, January 22, 2012

What would you do if someone sent you an injustice alert?

I just signed a petition to Tennessee Leguslature: Stop the homosexual bullying bill in Tennessee.
Well, I did this:

  • Aardvark Screenprinting Good night...bullying? The bill author gives crackheads a good name. Oh yeah...That's right! Jesus said "cast the stones 'cos you don't like what they are doing". Discuss, cajole, make disciples. NEVER bully. Dreadful.

    Then, I went to the site to sign that petition, dagnabbit

    Tennessee Bullying Bill Needs to be Stopped!

    By Madelyn Bangs (Contact)
    To be delivered to: Tennessee Leguslature
    Stop the homosexual bullying bill in Tennessee.
    The Tennessee legislature is considering a bill (HB 1153) proposed by David Fowler President of FACT (Family Action Counsel of Tennessee). This bill says it is OK to bully homosexuals if you are politically, religiously, or even morally opposed to homosexuality. It also demeans anti-bullying programs in school and other places as well. They are building this bill on the First amendment. But according to Article 19 with the Freedom of speech comes certain restrictions, including when that speech becomes hateful and/or offensive to a certain group of people. Please help override this unjust and inhumane bill!


    The logo on the site said:
    Whereupon I went back to FaceBook:

  • Aardvark Screenprinting OTOH, this is a MoveOn.org division. You should read the actual bill
    26 minutes ago ·

  • I went back to the Web, and read the bill, and reported back:

    25 minutes ago 

  • Aardvark Screenprinting I believe the main issue is the clause "(b) "Creating a hostile educational environment" shall not be construed to
    include discomfort and unpleasantness that can accompany the expression of a
    viewpoint or belief that is unpopular, not shared by other students, or not shared
    by teachers or school officials." This does NOT say it's OK to bully homosexuals (or anyone else). It means that if you merely disagree with someone else and they feel bad about it, they cannot legitimately accuse you of bullying. This is a LONG way from condoning bullying.

    20 minutes ago ·

  • Aardvark Screenprinting The next section expressly prohibits doing harm to someone with whom you disagree: SECTION 2. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 49-6-1016, is amended by deleting
    subdivision (b)(2) in its entirety and is further amended by adding the following as a new
    subsection (c):
    The policy shall not be construed or interpreted to infringe upon the First
    Amendment rights of students and shall not prohibit their expression of religious,
    philosophical, or political views; provided, that such expression does not include a threat
    of physical harm to a student or damage to a student’s property. Again, light-years away from condoning bullying.

    17 minutes ago

  • Aardvark Screenprinting I note that no specific group is mentioned or targeted by the bill. All this being said, we are in basic agreement. Bullying is wrong. It should be prohibited behavior.
     There was an appreciative response from the person, to which I replied: 

    12 minutes ago ·  

  • Aardvark Screenprinting KK. (This is Weatherly) I was knee-jerking as well, and went to sign the petition. As I read, I saw who was behind it, and the little robot in my head started going "DANGER, DANGER, WILL ROBINSON", which is weird 'cos that's not my name...anyway, went to read the bill. It is short, and very simple (it being Tennessee and all ;^3 ) *  Thanks for being on the alert for an injustice, though. They slip stuff through on us !

    I learned a lesson today.... 

    * And yes, I can  say that...I was born in TN, and I lived there for years! 

    This is what I wrote to the Sign-On.org petition-writer:

    Did you folks even read the bill?

    It targets no-one. What it does do is protect free speech. If you and I have a disagreement, and you feel bad because I disagree with your point-of-view or lifestyle, you cannot legitimately accuse me of bullying. There is no chilling effect on free speech, AND it prohibits threat of violence upon your property or person.

    This bill can in no way be construed as a pro-bullying bill, unless one is starting with an agenda.
    No way that could happen.

    I'm sure that'll have 'em repenting in dust and ashes 

    Sure 'n the tears of repentance fall as doth the rain:

    From SignOn.org ;

    In response to your claim. Yes the Bill is worded in  way where it targets no one, but you must consider what it says about anti bullying programs in school. It says that apparently they have apolitical agenda by "forcing" people with a problem with a certain group and/or minority to be silent. This is not the case, not by a long shot. Also, you must consider the morality issue. In this day and age there are some things you should keep to yourself, including your displeasure of a person's lifestyle. Thank you for your concern.

    My claim stands. This bill does not target any group for bullying. Read it. The message from SignOn is: "If you disagree with me, SHUT UP!".

    That, kiddies, is progressive freedom of speech.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

And "Most fatal diseases are Progressive."

The Aardvark said...

YES! Excellent point.