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Friday, January 20, 2012

Listened to some Boortz this morning. Some things to help you make decisions...

LinkedIn is joined at the hip with the Obama machine.

Progressive Insurance...where do you think the name came from?  Peter Lewis, head of Progressive, is as left as you get:

Lewis, Peter B.
Contributions to 527 Committees:
The chart below shows the total amount of money contributed since August 2000 to 527 committees by this individual donor. Click on committee name for a summary of activity.

Committee Amount Contributed
Joint Victory Campaign 2004 $16,000,000
America Coming Together - Nonfederal Account $2,995,000
MoveOn.org Voter Fund $2,500,000
Young Democrats of America $650,000
Marijuana Policy Project Political Fund $485,000
Democracy for America - Non-federal $250,000
Sierra Club Voter Education Fund $200,000
Stonewall Democrats United $117,220
Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund $100,000
Punk Voter Inc. $50,000

Be careful where your money and energy goes.


On a lighter note: On Coast to Coast AM last night, a caller attempted to establish Tim Tebow as the white horse in Revelation.

Tebow 3:16!

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Michael W said...

Sorry, but I lost my heart to the Snapple Girl years ago.